5 Of Our Favourite Antique Jewellery Blogs

Here at Laurelle Antique Jewellery, were always on the lookout for new and exciting reads covering antique jewellery.

Whether its looking back at the history and heritage of particular items, or how jewellery is shaping current trends, were always interested to find out more and see what other peoples experiences and knowledge of cherished and unique antique pieces are.

So lets take a look at five of our favourite antique jewellery blogs which we wanted to share with you.

1.What To Know When Buying An Antique Engagement Ring

One of our five favourite blogs, written by Jessica, is taken from Wedding Lovelys blog and provides a helpful guide for those who are opting to purchase an antique piece for their engagement ring.

The blog encompasses interesting statistics about engagement rings including the fact that 65% of brides are usually involved in purchasing the engagement ring, as well as that up to 75% of engagement rings include a diamond stone within them!

Jessicas blog guides readers through a quick and useful discussion of the 4 Cs which then progresses into looking at the various styles of engagement rings throughout history. The wonderful inclusion of photography also helps the reader to get a clear picture (literally!) as to how the designs of jewellery really do differ quite significantly between different eras.

The important piece of advice Jessica suggests to readers is to be comfortable in their decision when selecting an engagement ring, as ultimately it will be worn for a lifetime, therefore, its essential that its an item which youre happy with and that suits you.

2. Antique Sentimental Jewelry From The Victorian Era

About Style offers a wide variety of authentic and engaging subjects covered by experts from the field which we often enjoy taking a look through.

Their integration of topics looking at tips for buying antique jewellery as well as considering the heritage and culture of particular items or eras is particularly fascinating.

One of their pieces looking at sentimental antique pieces belonging to the Victorian era was a topic which we found to be extremely interesting and really demonstrated the emotional value which antique jewellery represents.

The blog discusses the importance of various items such as hair jewellery which was very popular in the Victorian era, and because hair doesnt decay, it would often be incorporated into jewellery in order to remember loved ones.

The article continues to go on and discuss how and why lockets, acrostic, portrait and engraved jewellery were also valued by the Victorians as being particularly expressive.

3. 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Antique Engagement Ring

Here at Laurelle Antique Jewellery, we cant help but feel that antique pieces really do make the most beautiful engagement rings, which meant we were delighted when we came across Diamonds In The Librarys blog discussing ten reasons to opt for an engagement ring.

The writer, Becky, says that one of the best things about her own antique engagement ring (which she even shows us here and is absolutely wonderful) is that it is unique to her and nobody else across the world will have the exact same piece which we couldnt agree with more!

Not only this, but Becky also draws upon the fact that antique rings encompass unexpected detailing which adds a special and unique touch to each item. We also enjoyed reading this blog as well, due to the beautiful images within the article demonstrating just how exquisitely unique antique jewellery really is. If you were unsure about investing in an antique engagement ring before, then you could be persuaded by the time you finish reading Beckys blog!

4. Jewelry Styles Through The Ages

Another one of our favourite blogs published on the Jewelry Information Place looks at the how different periods throughout history influenced the style and designs of jewellery.

The blog takes an interesting and very informative trip through the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro Modern Eras. As our collection of Laurelle Antique Jewellery also spans these various periods throughout history, it was very insightful to see how much influence these eras played on the design of different pieces.

For example, the article highlights the rebel of women in the Art Deco period against the social restraints of the end of the Victorian era which was very much reflected in the sharp lines and geometric shapes of jewellery within this era.

Seeing how much jewellery was impacted by particular moments and periods throughout time reinforces the magnificent heritage of these pieces, and just how meaningful they actually are.

5. The Ultimate Guide To Buying The perfect Engagement Ring

We appreciate that making the bold decision to get down on one knee and propose could be a challenge in itself, never mind having the added pressure of having to pick out the perfect engagement ring!

Although not strictly written with antique jewellery necessarily in mind, we were thrilled to read The Art if Manlinesss Ultimate Guide To Buying The perfect Engagement Ring.

The very detailed written blog covers a number of valuable tips for those looking to locate an engagement ring including advice in being able to determine your partners ring size, picking the rings band and even how to determine what style they like! The blog is a great read and definitely one we would recommend to those thinking of popping the question to have a look at!