Antique Advertisements

Advertising in every element of our lives is more prominent than ever before, and jewellery is no exception. With a focus on clean, crisp and simple adverts, it's interesting to see just how much our taste when it comes to the advertisement and the design of jewellery has changed. Here are some of the fascinating vintage adverts that have caught our eye.

More is more

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths

In comparison to many modern-day adverts, with each individual product or range given its own space, vintage adverts focused on both quantity and quality - as you can see in this 1920s advert for London Goldsmiths. When it came to advertising jewellery, there wasn't such a thing as one piece for everyone; multiple options were provided, showing off the versatility of products available to the reader.

Classic luxury

Trifari Jewellery

Though our jewellery adverts today have a focus on modern luxury, with moody dark tones, beautiful cocktail dresses and world-renowned models features in glimmering advertisements, the origins of this luxurious tone was back in the '20s to the '50s. Beautiful models, party dresses and furs were the perfect backdrops that sold the jewellery lifestyle - saying that if you had this necklace or ring, perhaps you could also look like this model. The simple yet feminine style of these adverts would appeal to any vintage lover.

Clever Words

Napier jewellery advert

Even in the '40s and '50s, wordplay was a big thing in jewellery advertising - but it came into its own into the '60s and '70s, especially with the Napier campaign. A jingle, caption, or memorable image that you can remember has been key to advertising for countless years for a multitude of products, from washing up liquid to cars. Jewellery is no exception - though we have to say we have a soft spot for this in-your-face advertisement in particular.

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