How to plan the perfect Art Deco wedding

Art Deco inspirations

Art Deco style is characterised by angular and geometric lines, so look to 1920s architecture like New York's Chrysler Building for inspiration for your suite of wedding stationery. Bold black, elegant gold or silver and a peacock feather motif would create a stylish theme for your stationery and wedding dcor or your engagement ring.

For something a little more subdued but no less chic, try a palette of eau de nil and oyster for your flowers and take inspiration for your decor and stationery from the stylised organic shapes of Art Deco. If you admire fine craftsmanship, and love luxury and elegance and bold, symmetrical design, then an Art Deco wedding theme will suit you perfectly.

Art Deco detailing

When it comes to your dress, you don't have to go vintage to achieve the Art Deco look. Choose a modern dress that pays attention to the fine Art Deco details, for example a dropped waistline or a slip dress with a clever bias cut. Extravagant draping and jewelled and beaded embellishments will create the look, while a luxurious fur stole is the perfect accessory for a winter bride. Choose silk and satin for the perfect drape, with lace as both embellishment and for a chic and understated veil with an appropriate jewelled headdress.

Art Deco jewellery

The star of the Art Deco wedding is often the engagement ring, with its elegant geometric lines and timeless elegance. Art Deco takes its name from the Exposition International des Arts Dcoratifs, an event held in Paris in 1925 that showcased contemporary jewellery design. Bijoutiers-artistes used diamonds and other cut gems to punctuate their geometric designs, showcasing the stones in an almost sculptural way. Other jewellers like Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels took Indian and Egyptian motifs and reinterpreted them in diamonds and other precious stones.

These bold and beautiful rings often feature a coloured gemstone or simply a diamond, often emerald or hexagonally cut, and surrounded by further diamonds.

Simple and exquisitely elegant, the Art Deco engagement ring has a timeless beauty that will suit any bride.