Iconic Jewellery: The First Ladies of The White House

The First Ladies of the United States have showcased some of the most exquisite, lavish jewellery collections ever seen, and their engagement rings have gone down in the history books. Theyve inspired millions of lookalikes and helped men and women gain ideas to help them pick their own perfect engagement rings.

Below, weve looked through the engagement rings that accompanied five famous women as their husbands served terms as President.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy's ring was unique in its design. Presented in a velvet box over a dinner she was sharing with her soon to be husband, John F. Kennedy, the ring was a vintage art deco design featuring a 2.88 carat diamond set with 2.84 carat emerald and several tapered baguettes.

Betty Ford

After a 12-month relationship filled with friendship and laughter, Gerald Ford proposed to Betty at a cocktail party with a knife edge cut diamond engagement ring, set in an 18-carat white gold band.

Barbara Bush

The wife of George Bush Snr is one half of the longest standing union between a President and a First Lady she and her husband celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in January 2017. Famously remembered for saying George was the first man she ever kissed, Barbara accepted his marriage proposal in which he presented her with a stunning star sapphire engagement ring. The ring had originally belonged to George Bush Snrs aunt, and was a family heirloom of the two-time presidential family. The ring has a circular cut diamond, shrouded in beautiful bright blue sapphires.

Michelle Obama

Barrack Obama proposed to Michelle during a meal that she believed was planned to celebrate him passing the bar exam. Michelle later said of the event, that her husband didn't promise a life of riches, but a life that would be interesting, and on that she felt he delivered. Barrack proposed to Michelle with a classic round cut solitaire engagement ring, set into a gold band, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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