The Queenly Appeal of Aquamarine

There is something unequivocally mesmerising about aquamarine. Its beautiful blueness is like a sun-kissed twinkle of tropical ocean, evoking secret lagoons and exotic white shores lapped by azure waters. Pure, tranquil, calm.

Once thought to protect sailors battling the wilds of the seas and, according to ancient folklore, is said to gift the wearer with a sense of peace, as well as affecting courage and restoring youthfulness. Little wonder then, that it remains a popular choice today.

Only last month a famous vintage aquamarine ring sparkled into the headlines when Meghan Markle wore the late Princess Dianas emerald-cut aquamarine cocktail ring at her wedding reception.

Royal watchers will recall the joy on the new Duchess of Sussexs face as she was swept away in a blue E-type Jaguar driven by her new and adoring husband. When she waved, flashing her newly-gifted aquamarine ring, it was as though all the romance of the day, the blue skies and happiness, hopes for the future, and deep love, were reflected in the opulence yet purity of the striking ocean-blue stone. The cut, colour and size of the piece is simply stunning!

The ring is believed to have been a gift from the Duke of Sussex as something blue, a poignant gesture indeed, in memory of his mother Princess Diana famously wore the ring to a charity auction of her own clothes in 1997, the same year as her tragic death.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a family heirloom of this nature to wear, or to gift to a loved one. Thats the attraction of purchasing antique aquamarine rings and, there can be added allure if the history and previous owners of a ring are unknown, a mystery, fuelling the imagination to speculate of its journey through time.

Aquamarine makes an attractive engagement ring choice as well as being the gemstone associated with 19th wedding anniversaries, the Pisces star sign, and the birth month of March. Its colour tends to suit most skin tones and eye colours and its durable enough for everyday wear. And for those who prefer a combination of stones, aquamarine diamond rings make a great choice, and provide a visual balance, with the blue and the white of the respective stones complementing each other perfectly.

Laurelle is proud to present two spectacular examples of emerald-cut aquamarine rings cut in the same style as the aforementioned ring worn by the Duchess of Sussex.

Upon whose fingers will these rings be slipped next? Whose hands will be adorned with such enchanting pieces? Whoever is lucky enough to own such majestic jewels is sure to feel like royalty.