Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are rings designed specifically for proposing marriage and typically feature a diamond as the central gemstone. These diamond engagement rings are cherished symbols of love and commitment, often chosen for their timeless beauty and enduring value. Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles, including diamond solitaire engagement rings with a single diamond, halo rings with a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, three-stone rings symbolising past, present, and future, and vintage-inspired diamond engagement ring designs featuring intricate details and filigree work. Diamonds are renowned for their brilliance, sparkle, and durability, making them a popular choice for engagement rings.


Our wonderful collection of vintage and antique diamond engagement rings allows you to make your proposal extra special. Steeped in the romance of ages past, these beautiful proposal rings contain scintillating stones that have stood the test of time.

With Gold and Diamond engagement rings and platinum engagement rings on offer, our engagement diamond ring for women collection will contain a ring perfect for your loved one’s style!

We have antique Edwardian engagement rings, Georgian engagement rings, Victorian engagement rings, Art Deco rings and even 1970s engagement rings and beyond, meaning we are sure to have diamond engagement rings that are perfect for your loved one. Buy a diamond engagement ring with Laurelle Antique Jewellery and find vintage gold engagement rings that can be passed down through generations, symbolising enduring love and commitment.

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Diamond Engagement Ring
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