3 Celebrities Who Got Engaged With An Antique Ring

Antique and vintage engagements rings are increasingly being bought by the glitterati as a unique and alternative option to a newly made ring. The number of celebrities who are also opting to have rings made to look vintage, antique and which emulate engagement rings given in previous eras is also growing massively. Here are just three celebrities who have done exactly that.

Scarlett Johansson

One of the most famous celebrities in recent years to buck the trend when it comes to choosing an engagement ring by deciding to go antique is Hollywood mega star Scarlett Johansson.

Johanssons engagement ring first hit the media radar in 2013 when eagle eyed paparazzi snapped pictures of it at the 2013 Venice International Film Festival. Worn to celebrate her engagement to French journalist Romain Dauriac, the ring is a genuine Art Deco piece and features three separate and round shaped diamonds clustered in a bold rectangular setting.

To see Scarlett Johanssons Art Deco engagement ring up close and personal, head over to The Daily Mail website. One of the first Newspapers to snap a picture of the ring, the Daily Mail website features a close up of the ring taken at the time Johansson confirmed her engagement back in 2013.

Behati Prinsloo

Famous for being one of Victoria Secrets most recognisable angels, Namibian born model Behati Pinsloo made headlines back in 2012 when she confirmed rumours that she and Maroon Five singer, Adam Levine were in fact an item.

Skip forward two year to 2014 and the couple finally got hitched in Mexico, but not before Levine had gifted Prinsloo a white gold 1930s diamond engagement ring. Just shy of being classed an actual antique, the ring is none-the-less a stunning example of a vintage (and soon to be antique) worthy of gracing any would-be-weds hand.

One of the most unique features of Prinsloos vintage engagement ring is the elaborate and romantic scroll work circling the band itself. Perhaps it was this unusual feature that inspired Prinsloo and Levine to have wedding ring tattoos when the two finally did tie the proverbial knot.

Anna Paquin

A real Hollywood romance story, Anna Paquin famously fell for her co-star and on-screen love interest whilst the two filmed and preformed together in the massively popular American TV show, True Blood.

More magical, romantic and just as dramatic as the on-screen relationship enjoyed by the two actors characters is the actual and real life engagement ring Paquin opted for when she and Stephen Moyer became engaged.

Despite the fact the actual age of Paquins engagement ring remains a mystery, there is no mistaking it as a Victorian inspired creation. Set in aged silver and bearing a brilliantly unique off-white diamond to add to its period lure, Paquins ring is perhaps only surpassed by the real thing, which can be found and purchased right here at Antique Rings Online.