5 Perfect Pieces For Valentines Day 2016

There is nothing more appropriate to give on Valentines Day, or more romantic, than ones heart. So, and to celebrate some of our most beautiful examples currently available at Laurelle Antique Jewellery, lets take a look at just 5 that could make perfect pieces for Valentines Day 2016.

Heart Shaped Diamond and Aquamarine Pendant

The perfect alternative to a diamond Valentines ring for a loved one to whom you are already married or not yet ready to pop the question, this exquisite and beautiful 1.75 carat aquamarine and diamond heart pendant is cast in silver to compliment the icy tones afforded by its stones.

What is more, silver being one of the most popular precious metals, diamonds being one of the worlds most universal symbols of love and aquamarine being one of womens most best loved gems, this pendant isnt just a safe bet, but a truly stunning one with which to show your love this Valentines day.

Antique Silver Heart Amethyst Glass Necklace

A show stopping and unusual piece, this antique silver heart amethyst glass necklace draws together square, teardrop and heart shaped amethysts all inlaid in silver to create a fantastic piece to gift to your chosen Valentine in 2016.

Art Nouveau Star & Moon Ladies Portrait Flowing Hair Heart Locket & Chain

A superb and genuine example or the Art Nouveau period, what better idea is there this Valentines than to give a heart shaped locket?

Even more magically, the original photographs first placed into this locket have survived and with them so to have survived the lockets heart rims, adding to both its value and sentiment.

Hence, whether you choose to furnish this stunning locket with photographs of your own or retain its existing photographs, the locket itself will no doubt prove a much loved addition to your loved ones jewellery collection, and remain so for years to come.

Antique Georgian Triple Pearl & Turquoise Necklace with Georgian Gold Heart Locket Clasp

There are beautiful pieces of antique and vintage jewellery and then there are pieces so unique that they turn heads simply for being so unlike anything else out there. To see an example of a jewellery piece that achieves exactly that, take a look at our antique Georgian triple pearl & turquoise necklace with Georgian gold heart locket clasp.

Destined to be loved by somebody for whom unique design and this characterful assemblage of turquoise and pearls strikes a real chord, if your loved one is one of those rare one in a million individuals, what better way to tell them than by gifting something equally rare and lovingly created?

Antique Edwardian Gold Sweetheart Enamel Gold Brooch Circa 1915

For a beautifully wistful and romantic alternative to a ring, necklace or bracelet, consider gifting a brooch. Further, to see a perfect example of a brooch that would make an ideal and stunning gift this Valentines day, simply take a look at our antique Edwardian gold sweetheart enamel gold brooch.

Set with a beautiful old cut 0.10 carat diamond at its centre and surrounded by vivid green enamel, this heart shaped brooch is then finished with the added touch of delicate natural pearls all brought together in an immaculate 18ct yellow gold.

Alternatively, and for even more ideas and to search and discover more of the stunning examples of antique jewellery here at Laurelle, do have a browse through our other heart shaped and heart motif bearing jewellery pieces.