5 Top Tips For The Perfect Engagement This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time. It is also a time of giving, and of showing those we love just how much we think of them. With that in mind, here are five top tips and ideas as to the perfect festive proposal and the perfect ring with which to pop that all important question.

1. The Christmas Tree Proposal

Whether you decorate the tree together or alone as part of the surprise, when it comes to where to hide the ring consider either wrapping the ring box and placing it beneath the tree or containing it within a star placed atop the tree. Alternatively, because emeralds are certainly not for everyone, stitching a ring to an angels crown before placing it atop the tree to symbolise a halo, is also a romantic and festive idea.

The Perfect Ring

Consider a ring inlaid with an emerald. The luscious, rich greens will forever remind your partner of the moment they were proposed to by the Christmas tree. Alternatively, have an angel wearing a solid gold band to represent a truly golden halo.

2. The Advent Calendar Proposal

For a partner who cherishes Christmas nostalgia get or even make them an advent calendar to enjoy in the lead up to Christmas day. Then, either place the ring in the window to be opened on Christmas Eve or place the ring in the window to be opened on Christmas morning.

The Perfect Ring

One fun, yet stunning design to place into an advent calendar is an Art Deco engagement ring. The Art Deco Period being synonymous with excitement, colour, fun and thrills, for any spouse enthralled by the fun and glitz of Christmas, it could just provide the perfect option.

3. Spell it Out with Fairy Lights

Instead of simply using strings of fairy lights to dress the tree or adorn the windows, consider using them to spell out the question, using the ring to dot the question mark so that your spouse discovers it having just been proposed to.

The Perfect Ring

Said to be the stone of light as well as the stone of everlasting love, a traditional antique diamond engagement ring is a perfect choice to place amongst fairy lights.

4. The Mistletoe Proposal

A perfect festive proposal option for any true romantic, pin or hold up a cluster of mistletoe, having hung the ring amongst the leaves. Kiss your partner beneath it before plucking the ring from amongst it or handing the mistletoe to them for them to discover the ring themselves.

The Perfect Ring

Pearls and opals are both beautifully wistful and look very much like the white berries mistletoe produces.

5. The Christmas Pudding Proposal

Finally, and one of the most popular ways to propose at Christmas in the UK, is to replace the traditional six pence piece placed inside the Christmas pudding with an engagement ring for your partner to discover.

The Perfect Ring

Almost all types of engagement rings are placed every year into Christmas puddings. That said, a ruby inlaid ring is a very sweet (no pun intended) way of representing the cherries and delicious fruits contained within a traditional Christmas pudding. Alternatively, an engagement ring cast using silver or white metal is a creative way to represent the traditional silver sixpence that is said to bring its finder prosperity, luck and happiness.

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