A Brief Look At Antique Diamond Cuts

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones used in jewelry and are certainly the most desirable. With their quality, beauty and strength they last a lifetime and are extremely popular for engagement rings and jewelry for formal occasions. Diamonds are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit individuals tastes and needs, and diamond cutting officially began when diamonds became fashionable in Europe during the middle ages. There is a huge variety of diamond shapes available on the market, however the cut of a diamond refers to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond. The quality of cutting of the diamond determines the diamonds brilliance and quality as a well cut diamond will be at its clearest and most beautiful form.

Creating A Desirable & Beautiful Diamond

A diamond cut is made up of different facets which create an aesthetically pleasing, desirable and beautiful shape which can be used in jewelry. Different factors must be considered when choosing the cut of the diamond such as the shape and size of the natural diamond. A rough diamond will be made into a smaller cut diamond to ensure a beautiful and even surface can be achieved as perfection is what jewellers and jewelry wearers desire, especially in diamond jewelry. Throughout history since diamond cutting began there have been many styles of diamond cut, some more popular than others, however the most popular six throughout the years have been the old mine cushion cut, rose cut, old European cut, asscher cut, marquise cut and the emerald cut. Diamond cutting is not restricted to a particular type of jewellery and is used in all diamond pieces to ensure a clean and beautiful finish.

Dating Back To The 14th Century

The first type of diamond cut was achieved in the 14th century, however it is likely that it was just a type of polishing the stone to give it a shine. The point cut followed the natural shape of the diamond, however the table cut was later developed as the first major faceting technique. The techniques were improved over time and new ways of diamond cutting were discovered, however to this day the brilliant cut is the most successful cut and is still used on diamonds today. There are many stages to diamond cutting to achieve the perfect finish, and it requires specialist knowledge, equipment, tools and techniques to achieve the desired perfection everyone looks for in diamond jewelry.

The Perfect Stone For Any Engagement Ring

Diamonds are known to be the most expensive gemstone on the market which is why they are used for special jewelry such as engagement rings. To spend a considerable amount of money on a piece of jewelry which many people would be unable to afford, the diamond itself must be perfect along with the design of the piece and the quality of manufacture. Because of this, time and care is taken during the diamond cutting process. Although it is personal preference which style of diamond cut you prefer, there are many different cuts on the market so you are guaranteed to find one you love. From simple cuts with smooth large surfaces to intricate cuts with many facets, you can find a diamond piece for any occasion which will be timelessly beautiful and last you a lifetime.