Antique Jewellery Makes a Fantastic Christmas Present

Antique jewellery can provide an aesthetically stunning means of gifting something truly priceless. After all, and as the poet John Keats once penned: A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

The Gift Of History

One of the unique aspects of gifting an antique jewellery item is that it makes for a gift as unique as the love, respect or regard you feel for a person. As soon as any item as personal as a jewellery piece is first given, it becomes imbued with the sentiment with which it was gifted. Hence to continue the adventure and become a part of an antique jewellery items journey is a special way in which to partake in the history, culture and both add to and carry into the present and future a tiny gem of history and even add to the lore of that jewellery, whatever its period, style or fashion.

Adding To Or Creating a Collection

Jewellery is one of the most beautiful, intimate and personal ways in which almost every person of every culture expresses themselves, what matters to them and who they are. Whether it is by wearing a wedding ring, a piece kept for special occasions, a charm bracelet bringing together the unique and often quirkier aspects of a persons personality or a choice of colour or stone that symbols something, an individuals jewellery box or collection tells a lot about who a person is. Hence, to add an antique jewellery item to a loved ones collection or even help began a collection is to give something so much more than just a gift it is to begin, add to and gift a tangible symbol of something otherwise ineffable that increases the financial, but more importantly, emotional worth of any collection.

Exceptional, Ethical and Eco-Friendly

Going green does not have to mean opting for emeralds. Neither does a person for whom ethics and ecology matter need to confirm to the hippy stereotype. Opting to gift antique jewellery is the most ecologically and ethically friendly means of giving something that this wondrous world has created, such as pearls, diamonds, silver or gold, and celebrating that wonder without causing the world or those living within it harm. Hence, for a loved one who deserves something truly stunning for having the heart to care about the world and those within it, antique jewellery is a fantastic option, and a truly dazzling means of celebrating both your unique relationship, and the one we all share with the world.

Affording Something Priceless

Antique Jewellery is not just the most ecologically savvy way to shop for gems; it is also the most financially affordable means of giving and receiving jewellery. In fact, vintage and antique diamonds cost on average 30% less than modern diamonds and modern jewellery item prices commonly carry up to a staggering 300% mark up. Further, and perhaps even more surprising is the reality that jewellery items made over fifty years ago (and so entering into the realms of the vintage if not yet antique) are far more likely to have been created by professional jewellers instead of by modern means of mass production, which translates to mean that the quality of antique and vintage items is likely to far surpass that of many modern examples, whilst costing far less. Hence, for those shopping on a budget, but unwilling to compromise on quality, beauty and brilliance, an antique jewellery item is not just a means of achieving this, but as well a truly priceless gift to give and to receive.

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