Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

The March Birthstone Aquamarine is a transparent form of beryl, ranging in colour from pale-blue to blue-green.

Aquamarine and Emerald are both forms of beryl, with their colour dictated by which trace element is present in the stone. Emeralds green is caused by chromium, whereas the clearer blue-green hue of the aquamarine is formed from minute quantities of iron within the stone.

Another key difference is that emeralds without flaws are extremely rare, whereas aquamarines are often completely flawless and clear to the naked eye. This means that jewellers throughout the ages have been free to choose cuts that maximise the view through the stone, highlighting its clarity and creating a beautiful centrepiece in antique rings (especially engagement rings like the one pictured below) and pendants.


aquamarine engagement ring


A Stone of the Sea

In ancient times Aquamarine was often carried by sailors and seafarers to protect them on the ocean. The stone is said to be the stone of courage, and is believed to both calm the mind and reduce stress - a particularly useful boon when facing the trials of the open ocean. Nautical tales say that the gem is the treasure of the mermaids, a fitting myth for a stone whose pigment is most often the pale blue of shallow seas.

Healing Energies

Aquamarine has been called the Stone of Courage, and is believed to inspire fearlessness. Its energies help to calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve focus. The stone is particularly valued by sensitive people - promoting a stillness of thought that fosters understanding and tolerance.

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