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The Art Deco period  was a time of great innovation in design during the 1920s and early 1930s which influenced art, architecture and fashion across the world. It is often described as the first truly international artistic movement, and traces of its influence can still be seen in a myriad of forms today.

Art Deco style is perhaps most famous for inspiring the designs of some of the most distinctive buildings which dominate the New York skyline, including the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. Stark, geometric forms and abstract, regular lines mark these phenomenal feats of construction as some of the most enduring testaments to this age of artistic expression, but many of the period’s innovations can be found in much more compact objects.

Chrysler Building New York

Jewellers in the Art Deco period created some truly remarkable pieces which exemplify the trends of the era, and amongst the most beautiful were the myriad forms of Art Deco earrings.

Materials and Design

Craftsmen in the Art Deco age had access to a great variety of different gold alloys with different properties and colours. Lower carat alloys and industrial innovations in the period between the world wars allowed mathematically precise and durable shapes to be created with an ease that had never before been possible. This led the jewellers of the age to create unions of futuristic geometric patterns, often paired with influences from the ancient world as new archaeological discoveries captured the imagination of the public.

Art Deco Earrings

During this time white gold became a great deal more popular, as did the substantially more valuable silvery metal platinum. The use of these metals influenced the types of gemstones which came to be favoured. Although Art Deco jewellers worked in a great variety of stones they tended to prefer stones with a cooler hue. Aquamarine, a pale blue variant of beryl, was particularly prized and often paired with diamonds.

Art Deco stud earrings were often solitaire designs, built around a pair of large gemstones in a manner which allowed the stones to become the focal point of the design. Advances in the gold alloys paired with precise machinery and new tools allowed jewellers to create hoop earrings with mathematical precision. This meticulous accuracy also allowed complex, multi-part articulated joints to be added to create a stunning array of dangle and drop earrings which are some of the most spectacular pieces of Art Deco jewellery in existence.

Art Deco Diamond Drop Earring

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