Bring back the vintage

If youre looking for a stylish and modern way to update your look this season, then why not look to the past?

Vintage jewellery is making a resurgence right now, and it is the perfect way to give your style a unique makeover. With so many beautiful, one-off pieces to choose from, you can make a bold statement or just give your outfit a subtle yet dazzling twist. And what a great feeling to be wearing a piece of history with a story all of its own.

If you feel you dont know where to start, take a look around our site for ideas and inspiration. Is the ornate and decorative style of the Victorian era more your thing, or is the European-influenced silver and gem set jewellery from the Edwardian times more fitting of your style? Or perhaps you just can't get enough of the classic yet timeless art deco period.

Whatever your taste, adding vintage pieces can really bring a new, fresh take on modern fashion. It is not unusual to see celebrities rocking vintage jewellery, with singers such as Rihanna, Beyonc and Taylor Swift often adding a chunky vintage piece of jewellery to their modern outfits. Its a fool proof way to make you stand out in the crowd and you know no-one else will turn up with the same jewellery as you!

Embellish your favourite denim jacket with an ornate brooch, or add a fabulous paste necklace to your little black dress as a talking point. It might even be your winter coat that needs sprucing up with a one-off statement piece.

If you really want to step back in time, you can choose a cameo brooch. Some of our cameos date back over 200 years, so it is a truly unique way to mix the old and the new. We even have cameo earrings and pendants if brooches arent your thing.

Whether its a gorgeous pair of earrings or a beautiful cocktail ring, you will be sure to make a statement and stand out in the crowd with your very own sparkling piece of history.