Celebrities Who Opted For An Antique Engagement Ring

For an antique to call itself such, it must have survived a century or more. That in itself is a feat for any small piece of jewellery, especially one worn on the hand and worn daily. The real beauty and lure of the antique engagement ring goes deeper than its age though; it strikes our heart with its story, its intrigue and its unique journey to reach our hand. Hence, antique engagement rings have long been favoured among the rich and famous; as the old saying goes, what can you get the person who has everything? Nothing short of an antique, it seems, is the only answer.

Kate Moss

It has been said that the engagement ring gifted to Kate Moss by her now husband and guitarist, Jamie Hince, is not a true antique; if that is the case, one only has to see the ring to agree it has been reproduced according to and meeting the specifications that ensure nobody would know. The only give away is that the ring itself, if a true antique, would have been the very ring which once upon an Art Deco time graced the hand of legendary 1920s icon, Zelda Fitzgerald, who married The Great Gatsby writer, F. Scot Fitzgerald.

According to Forbes, Kates fianc, Jamie Hince, spent months trying to track down the actual ring before Moss gave in, and grudgingly agreed to having a reproduction made for her. The fact that Moss was willing to go to the length of having a ring specifically reproduced in order to achieve the look of this almost antique and wonderfully vintage, Art Deco creation only goes to show the lengths even the glitterati will go to get the antique look.

Scarlett Johansson

Another lover of all things Art Deco, Scarlett Johansson, like Moss opted for a 1920s inspired engagement ring to celebrate her engagement to Romain Duiriac, in 2013. The ring setting is typically Art Deco with its angular design, featuring a central and considerably sized diamond, with two smaller but by no means small diamonds either side of its central stone. Surrounding the three centre stones are a veritable galaxy of small diamonds, like stars in a cosmos of silver.

The metal itself, while not confirmed as such and silver in colour, is most likely actually platinum, a popular Art Deco jewellery making material which was typically set with diamonds. When shopping for an antique platinum engagement ring, such as Scarletts, it is worth paying particular attention to size. Platinum is one of the most expensive metals to have re-sized due to the fact it derives most of its worth from the process through which it goes through in order to become jewellery. Hence, finding a ring that fits without needing adjustment, when shopping for platinum, is advisable.

Milla Jovovich

Further supporting the idea that diamonds are a girls best friend, Milla Jovovichs engagement ring is set with three. In stark contrast to the rings worn by both Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson though, Milla opted for an antique 19th century engagement ring. Millas ring is among the most striking, unique and individual examples of antique diamond engagement rings worn by celebs today.

The ring itself is set in yellow gold and notably features three large diamonds. Arranged in a row, the three diamonds are coloured pink, yellow and white. The centre stones are then further framed by smaller diamonds which extend along part of the band, forming a lavish leaf-like pattern. The unusual and bold design of Millas ring has resulted in it receiving much media attention since she first wore it, back in 2009.