Diamonds are a girls best friend, but which cut is for you?

Diamonds can be fitted into jewellery in a huge variety of shapes, known as cuts. The different cuts of diamond offer completely different aesthetic touches and many are designed to help maximise the gems natural beauty and to enhance light dispersion.

The most popular cut of diamonds that you will find in the majority of jewellery is the brilliant cut. This is the most commonly used cut as the 56 facet design has been developed to reflect as much light as possible. The brilliant cut was first invented in the 18th Century. In the early part of the Century, most stones had a cushion-shape to them with a high crown that became flatter by the end of the Century to allow more light to reflect through the stone. If you closely inspect even the best stones from this period, you would find that they are asymmetrical. Modern technology means that most 20th Century brilliant cut diamonds are now perfectly symmetrical. Brilliant cut diamonds look simply incredible on antique engagement rings; especially when combined with platinum.

Brilliant cut diamonds come in a huge range of shapes; many of which are most commonly found in engagement rings. The square brilliant cut, also known as Princess cut, is incredibly popular in this sense. Princess cut diamonds look incredible in clusters set against yellow gold. The heart brilliant cut is again incredibly popular in engagement rings and was a popular cut as far back as the 18th Century and was again in the Edwardian Period.

The rose cut is a very old cut dating from well before the 16th Century. This is a very economical cut consisting of 24 triangular facets and a flat base that made this ideal for diamonds in Victorian jewellery. Rose cut diamonds sparkle beautifully next to pearls in pendants. A variation of the rose cut is the Briolette cut that offers an extended version of the same cut style.

The different cuts of diamonds have been designed over the years to offer the very best natural beauty, light reflection and sparkle that looks incredible in rings, earrings, bracelets and more. The huge range of diamond cuts that are available at Laurelle Antique Jewellery means that you are sure to find the perfect diamond for you.