Everything you need to know about jet jewellery

Jet is a semi-precious stone that has a waxy, opaque appearance and is surprisingly lightweight, making it the perfect choice for large, lavish, jewellery designs. Jet jewellery, with its dark, black colour, makes a striking and dramatic addition to any outfit.

How is jet formed?

Believe it or not, jet is actually formed from trees. An ancient species of the monkey puzzle tree, to be more precise. These trees were abundant during the Jurassic period, and as they fell they would become swept away by heavy rain and flooding, which would strip them of their leaves and branches.

The bare tree trunks would then get swept out to sea, where they would sink into the black mud on the sea bed. Layers of sediment derived from sand and mud gradually built up and exerted pressure on the timber. This happened over a period of millions of years, and it is this pressure that resulted in the compression of the wood into jet.

Whitby Jet

Jet is found in several countries around the world including China, Siberia, and America. However, arguably the best quality jet can be found in Whitby, right here in England. The Sea located around Yorkshires coast provides the perfect conditions for the formation of jet.

Jet and Queen Victoria

Jet became incredibly popular during the late 1800s when the country was in mourning for Queen Victorias late husband. The Queen took to wearing black jet memento mori jewellery, and the rest of the country soon followed suit, with Whitby jet being the precious stone of choice.

Antique jet jewellery is now highly sought after, extremely collectable and often very valuable. Browse our range of stunning antique jet jewellery and see the beauty of it for yourself.