Five Tips For Your Valentines Day Engagement

If you and your loved one are thinking of making the ultimate commitment to your relationship, the perfect romantic holiday is just around the corner.

Around 10 percent of couples choose Valentines Day to seal their engagement, not only because of its perfectly lovey dovey atmosphere but also because you can clinch some great Valentines deals at restaurants, bars and hotels.

If you think that a Valentines themed proposal is a cheesy idea you may be slightly right, but if done correctly it can be a moment neither of you will ever forget, and may inspire a romantic side you never knew you had!

So here are five tips for your perfect Valentines Day engagement!

Catch them off guard

One of the problems with a Valentines engagement is that they're becoming very popular, and it can be difficult to do something thats going to stand out and make the day memorable for you and your partner.

Instead of heading to the top restaurant in town (which will be packed to the rafters with loved up couples) why not head to the place you went on your first date for a nostalgic and cute touch?

An intimate location with just the two of you (and maybe a couple of friends with cameras to capture the moment) means you can make sure that the day is all about the people that really matter, you!

Make sure you stick to the Valentines theme.

If you're going out of your way to propose at Valentines, you've got to make sure you incorporate it into the proposal!

Candles, love heart sweets and a smooth soundtrack are all a must for a Valentines proposal, and why not illuminate the room with some heart shaped candles?

Obviously the most important part of any proposal is the ring, so why not embrace the Valentines theme with a heart shaped ring?

If you think all this is a little bit sappy and over the top, perhaps you might want to rethink popping the question on Valentines Day!


When it comes to Valentines theres really only one flower that comes to mind, the classic red rose.

You could either go for the death by roses approach and cover the room in them, or take a subtler approach and buy your partner a rose for each month (or year!) that you've been together!

If you don't want to take the traditional route why not opt for a slightly different bouquet of colourful blooms.

The Perfect Getaway

Valentines is supposed to be an intimate occasion, so why not whisk your loved one away from it all for the weekend (Valentines falls on a Sunday this year).

Whether you want a luxurious weekend away on the continent or just a quick trip to a posh B&B, making the weekend just about the two of you will make your engagement all the more intimate.

Make Sure The Time Is Right

While we've talked up the benefits of popping the question this Valentines, its important that you make sure that the timing is right for you as a couple.

You certainly don't want to be rushing into an engagement just because February 14th is on the horizon so make sure you've discussed the idea with your partners family and close friends to make sure that everyone is on the same page!

Obviously it would be good to sound out the idea with your loved one directly but you don't want to give away that big surprise proposal so try and be discreet!

For all of the showmanship that comes with a Valentines proposal, remember that if it doesn't suit you, you don't need to go over the top.

Do the basics right and your loved one is sure to respond with a resounding yes!

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