Five Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Antique Ring

Searching for the perfect antique ring, whether its for yourself or for someone else, can be much more difficult than buying new.

There are many more variables with antique rings that you need to consider before purchasing, so to help you weigh up the most important, here are our five top tips.


One of the most distinguishing features of any antique, be it jewellery, furniture or a collectable is the era from which it was created.

As you can see in our collection of antique rings, we offer rings ranging across four clear eras.

These eras are Georgian (1714-1830), Victorian (1837-1900), Edwardian (1901-1914) and Art Deco (1920-1935).

Each era is very distinguishable and carries its own unique history. So if you like tapping into certain historical periods, what better way than to buy a ring which encapsulates the time you find interesting?


Each era of antique jewellery also carries its own very distinguishable style. While the majority of them are named after British monarchs, they mostly represent the contemporary styles and fashions of the time.

For example, following the death of Prince Albert in 1861, the middle third of the Victorian era became defined by mourning jewellery, jewellery which is was largely dark in colour, often including black enamel or Whitby jet.

In contrast, the Art Deco era is very much representative of the opulence and prosperity of the Roaring Twenties, with the use of golds and colourful gemstones. It is also distinctive for its geometric symmetrical shapes.

If you particularly enjoy a certain style, buying a ring from the original period is the best way to do so.


Whether you know a lot about antique rings or not, we all have our own distinctive taste. Whether you are aware of the different eras and their styles or not, one great way to find the perfect ring for you is to simply search for the metals and gems you like.

The beauty of antique rings is the sheer scope of different materials. Spanning over 300 years, our range of rings offers every combination of colours, metals, shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone.


Another way to find the perfect ring for you is to consider any sentimental ties you might have with a particular style or era.

Perhaps you have a family heirloom from the Victorian era which you want to replicate. For others, it is searching for a ring which helps them remember a lost grandparent.


Something else worth thinking about is the quality of the ring or rings youd like to buy. To find the perfect ring for you, you may have to consider what your budget is and what materials fit within it.

Take a look at the carat rating of a gold ring, check the size and quality of the gemstones and build your understanding of how quality affects price. This way you can find the ring which perfectly fits your wants and needs.