Get to Know Peridot

There is something refreshing and unusual about peridot. Its colour and clarity seem to evoke an immediate sense of joy. The ancient Egyptians mined peridot for thousands of years and often referred to it as the gem of the sun. For centuries it has been used in jewellery and as such, there are many stunning surviving examples of semi-precious rings and antique rings to be found featuring this delightful and underrated stone. Its a charming gem alright, but what else is there to know about peridot?

  1. Its the birthstone assigned to those born in the month of August. From a fashion perspective, peridot is in vogue again and is the perfect summer stone for a gift of jewellery. Imagine a peridot ring on the hand that raises a mojito cocktail to salute the setting sun
  2. The gorgeous hues of peridots range from light chartreuse yellowy-greens, to darker olive greens, the latter being the more expensive.
  3. The colour of peridots cannot be artificially enhanced, such as by heat-treatment so theres no cosmetic surgery for these natural beauties!
  4. The intensity of a peridots colour is determined by the percentage of iron within its crystal structure. The paler, golden greens and the more valuable deeper greens, contain smaller amounts of iron than the less desirable brown-tinged varieties.
  5. Peridot is found on St Johns Island in Egypt (also known as Zagbargad Island), China, Burma, Brazil, Hawaii, Norway, Australia and South Africa.
  6. There is an other worldly quality to peridot which is not only imagined; peridots have been found within pallasites, a rare type of meteorite which have fallen to earth and been cut into gemstones.
  7. Peridot often features in suffragette jewellery. Its green colour is used alongside amethyst and either diamond or pearl, to illustrate this iconic trio of colours associated with the pioneering campaigners of votes for women of a century ago.
  8. Peridot is the stone associated with 16th Wedding Anniversary gifts. Jewellery is the obvious choice!
  9. The largest cut peridot in the world weighs 62.35 grams (just over two ounces) and graces the Smithsonian Museum, USA, with its gorgeous green presence. (It was found on St Johns Island, Egypt.)
  10. On a more mystic level, peridots are said to bestow their wearers with good health, luck in love, and to allay unease, insecurity and jealousy, whilst fostering a sense of calm and serenity of mind.

Peridot engagement rings make a less predictable choice than traditional diamond rings  and complement all ranges of skin, hair and eye colour. They particularly suit wearers with red or auburn hair and are a lovely choice for summer. Take a peek at Laurelle's selection of antique rings which could perfectly fit the bill for an August birthday or anniversary gift, or of course to pop the question