How To Care For Your Antique Jewellery

From stunning rings to attractive pendants and lockets, keeping antique jewellery at its best requires a careful hand and a little bit of expert knowledge. If you're looking to keep your jewellery in the best condition, and as safe as possible, then these tips might just help.

Cleaning and maintaining your jewellery

When it comes to keeping your antique jewellery shining, less is more. Though modern pieces can manage a more stringent cleaning process, for many older pieces using these methods can result in more problems, and even loosen or damage valuable pieces.

The cleaning methods you use for your antique jewellery should be based on the materials the piece is made of, whether it's gold, silver or something else. The main issue you will face when cleaning antique jewellery is inset gems and stones, which can be damaged by many cleaning processes. It's easy for water and other materials to become trapped under or around a setting, so try to use a wetted cloth rather than submerging your jewellery.

Professional services are always available if you're unsure how to properly care for your jewellery, and in most cases, you will be fully insured should something go wrong under their care. If you're nervous about cleaning your jewellery at home, this might be your best option.


Suitable storage solutions

A large part of keeping your jewellery safe and cared for is reducing the contact it has with other pieces, as well as storing it in a suitable location. Tangled chains are the bane of any jewellery lover's life, so keeping each piece separated and stored carefully can go a long way to ensuring your antique jewellery is at its best.

A ring tree or dish, cushioned jewellery box or stand are perfect ways to separate and display your favourite pieces while keeping them safe and secure.

Insuring your items

With such a great physical and sentimental value attached to many antique jewellery items, insuring your most valuable antique jewellery pieces is something any collector should consider. The majority of insurance companies will be able to provide you with a quote based on a valuation and can take the risk out of wearing and enjoying your favourite pieces.

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