How to Clean Your Antique Diamond Ring At Home

Nature takes millions of years to make them and as well as being created by the earth, they can also cost them. Hence, diamonds and diamond inlaid jewellery demands and requires special care. Then, here is how to best care for and clean an antique diamond ring, without taking it to a jeweller.

What You Will Need

The items required to keep a diamond ring in top condition, it might surprise people to learn, are relatively simple and inexpensive to purchase. In fact, many people will already have these items at home and will need to make no additional purchases.

1. A soft bristled tooth brush, such as one intended for a babys teeth.

2. A soft lint-free cloth. There is no need to go to a specialist shop; all major supermarkets sell lint-free cloths inexpensively.

3. A liquid dish washing soap. Preferably a gentle one. Never use a dish soap or detergent which contains antibacterial chemicals or bleach.

4. A jewellery box. Preferably a box with a soft inner lining and strong / hard exterior as this provides the best protection for your jewellery.

5. A small bowl

What You Will Need To Do

Fill the bowl with lukewarm, clean water. Add to the bowl of water a maximum of two drops of liquid dish washing soap, depending on the size of the bowl. Mix the water and soap together with clean hands or a clean implement such as a spoon. Then, carefully place the ring into the bowl.

Ideally, allow the ring to sit in the solution for several hours, as the longer the ring is left in the water, the more likely it will require a minimal amount (if any) further cleaning using the toothbrush when it is removed. More intensive cleaning over time or if carried out without due care could potentially (though it is unlikely) damage a diamond ring or the metal it is inlaid in.

Finally, remove the ring from the solution and rinse it in lukewarm, clean water and inspect it; if it is clean, dry the ring very gently using a soft, lint-free cloth. Simply following this advice is often sufficient to clean a diamond ring.

What You Will Need To Do If Your Ring Is Still Not Clean

If your ring is still lacking some of its original lustre or shine or you do not want to leave it for a prolonged period in the soap and water solution, you can instead use the remaining items listed above to clean your diamond ring. To do so, follow the steps outlined above, but having removed the ring from the soap solution, follow these these additional steps before drying the ring.

Dip the bristle ends of the soft toothbrush into the soap solution the ring has just been removed from. Extremely gently and carefully, use the toothbrush to clean the ring, allowing the bristles to penetrate in and around the stone and its setting. Then, rinse the ring in lukewarm, clean water, inspecting it to be sure it is indeed clean before using a soft lint-free cloth to carefully dry the ring, ensuring no moisture remains in or around the stone setting.

How To Store A Diamond Ring

Whenever you are not wearing a diamond ring you should store it in a safe manner. Safely storing an item as precious as a diamond ring doe not simply involve putting it under lock and key though. Rather, a purpose made jewellery box with a soft inner lining and strong, rigid exterior is the best place to store all valuable jewellery items.

Placing a diamond ring inside a soft lined container will best protect its metal from becoming damaged. Meanwhile, opting to invest in a hard jewellery box over a soft pouch will further serve to protect your ring from being damaged by any external forces, as well as prevent the sunlight from tarnishing it.