How to match your engagement ring to your wedding ring

When it comes to choosing the right wedding ring, theres more to consider than you might initially think. Heres a quick overview on how to get it right.

Choose the right metal

Its important to choose a wedding ring of the same metal as your engagement ring. This is not just to ensure that the colours match. Different metals wear at different rates, potentially leaving one ring more worn and damaged than the other.

If you have an antique engagement ring, be sure to look for a wedding band from the same period so that the rings wear evenly.

The shape of your wedding ring

Modern engagement rings tend to have the feature stone set much lower and closer to the finger.

If you have a low-set engagement ring, youll need to find a wedding band thats curved so that it sits comfortably underneath the engagement ring. Antique engagement ring settings generally sit higher, so a flat wedding band will probably sit better and be comfortable.

Diamond set wedding rings or Eternity rings

Diamond set wedding rings or eternity rings are extremely popular and can make up for an engagement ring thats not so showy.

When choosing a diamond set wedding band, make sure that the diamonds are of equal quality to any in the engagement ring so that one ring does not outshine the other!

The width of the wedding ring

One important consideration to make is whether you intend to wear both your wedding and engagement rings together every day. If you have a wide engagement ring, you dont want a wedding band that is very wide too, and vice versa. To get the balance right, choose a wedding ring that matches the weight and width of your engagement ring.

Personalising your wedding ring

If you want to add a really personal touch to your wedding band, why not consider having it engraved with the date of your wedding and your new initials?

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