Investing in jewellery: diamonds are forever

Who hasn't heard that iconic phrase, 'diamonds are forever'? Whether for investment or for luxury, diamonds have been a consistent purchase for those who can afford them since they were first discovered, and people have had a fascination with these beautiful, polished stones ever since. There's no doubt that purchasing diamonds may be a great investment for your future, but how can you be sure?

Ever increasing

Unlike wages and many other commodities, diamonds have increased in price massively over the past 10 years and have been doing so since fine jewellery became a regular collectors item. An average increase of 4% a year is a good idea of what to expect. Increasing demand and lesser supplies drive prices higher and higher, with a total increase in the worth of the perfect, flawless cut of diamond now being a staggering 951.85% more than it was in 1960.

Getting good value

When it comes to purchasing diamonds for investment, it's not just the initial cost of purchase you have to consider. Depending on where you choose to purchase your diamonds from, you may be subject to a large mark-up on the price - meaning that you won't see anything on your investment for many years. Buying diamonds without a plan in place could leave you out of pocket in the short term, so it's worth considering what's best for you.

Physical and sentimental value

As with other antique jewellery, diamonds can provide two types of security - one is the heavy sentimental value given the family-owned nature of this kind of jewellery, but additionally the physical value. Diamonds held in the family for generations may prove to provide great security for grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As a long-term investment, there's nothing better

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