Loved One With A Birthday In December?

Turquoise serpent brooch

If you are looking for a gift for someone's birthday and want it to be special and meaningful to them then look no further than birthstone jewellery. Each month has its own birthstone, and wearing your personal birthstone can bring many benefits. There are many spiritual meanings and beliefs behind gemstones which you may or may not believe, however it is a personal yet classy gift which they will be able to keep for many years to come. If you know someone who was born in December then you will need to start your search for a gift very soon, so why not buy them a piece of turquoise jewellery? Whatever your price range you will be able to give them something elegant and beautiful which you have put a lot of thought into.

So what are the spiritual meanings behind the turquoise gemstone and what will it bring to the wearer? It is said that turquoise is a gemstone of good fortune and success and will bring prosperity to its wearer. It is also known as a stone of friendship and giving it to a friend will bring them good fortune, protect them from negative energy and bring peace to the home. With it's love, luck, protection and healing energies, it is a very personal stone which takes on the characteristics of the owner and adapts to them in order for them to benefit. It is one of the oldest stones known to us and it carries great truth and wisdom within the stone. With all of these qualities, it would truly make the perfect gift for someone born in December, and it is a positive and personal gift for them to love and cherish.

Turquoise is an opaque gemstone usually found in bright blue and green tones. The presence of iron in the stone gives it the greener appearance, however if copper is present the stone will be a sky blue shade. An intense sky blue turquoise gemstone is the most valued variety however the price will reflect this, so the greener turquoise is most commonly seen in jewellery today. Any type of jewellery can be bought containing the turquoise gemstone from rings to brooches and pendants. The gemstone can be found on its own for an elegant and simple look, however if you have a larger budget it can be found alongside other gemstones. There are benefits to having more than one gemstone in a piece of jewellery as there will be more spiritual and healing benefits, however if you are buying the piece for a birthday then sticking to the birthstone will be more personal to the wearer. Everyone has a birthstone and they always make great gifts for friends and family. It doesn't always have to be given in the form of jewellery either, however this is the best way to benefit from wearing the stone as you will always have it on you. If you know someone born in December then find the perfect turquoise piece today to bring them prosperity and good fortune in the New Year.

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