Loved One With A Birthday In December?


People born in December have to put up with a lot. With a birthday that close to Christmas there is a temptation for friends and relatives to roll the two occasions into one, meaning that they tend to get a lot of presents “for birthday and Christmas”, which isn’t really fair.

Making a December baby’s birthday feel special and distinct from the festive season’s revelry can be difficult. By the time the special day is drawing near most shops will be fully into the yuletide rush. This might mean having to spend more time and money hunting down a gift that is both appropriate and unique.

Thankfully for those seeking a truly special gift it’s possible to find gifts which are tailored to this time of year which don’t involved Christmas at all. Enter December’s birthstone, the beautiful semi-precious blue-green turquoise.


Turquoise has been a popular gemstone for thousands of years. It was famously included in the magnificent regalia of the Pharoah Tutankhamen, set into shining gold alongside the deeper blue Lapis Lazuli to create items fit for a monarch who was also seen as a living god by his people.

Although used widely in the ancient world turquoise only found its way into Europe in the 17th century, where it acquired its name. The original French word “turquois” means “Turkish” as the stone was believed to have originated from Turkey (now known as Türkiye). Since its introduction it has been consistently popular. Its blue-green colour was named after the stone as it was the most easily recognisable example of this hue.


Antique turquoise jewellery, from the Georgian era through the Victorian period and into Edwardian times, favoured cutting the stone en cabochon – with a flat bottom and domed top. The stone was often used alongside pearls, whose shining silverish white hue complemented the colour beautifully. It was also paired with diamonds, creating stark contrast between opaque cabochon colour and facet-cut transparency. It can be found in rings, brooches and pendants, inlaid into magnificent earrings and supplementing the beauty of lockets.


Despite being identified with a particular colour turquoise is not uniform. Stones which skew more towards green were particularly prized in the Mongolian empire, whereas more blue stones are the standard in most western nations. Varieties of turquoise called “turquoise matrix” create a truly unique effect where the gemstone’s host rock is still present, running in webbed patterns across the surface to create an utterly unique pattern.


When you are looking for a birthstone gift for someone with a birthday in December you have a choice of a great many pieces from across history. The added benefit to choosing an antique piece is that it has already stood the test of time, and will likely appreciate in value, making it a statement on the long-lasting nature of the affection held for the recipient.

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