Peridot - August's Stunning Birthstone

Every month holds a birthstone, and wearing your own birthstone is said to bring you good luck and fortune in one way or another. Each birthstone holds its own benefits and characteristics personal to the person born in that month, and although they do posses spiritual and healing qualities, people find comfort in wearing a stone which is personal to them. It is said that each birthstones powers are heightened during the month they are associated with, and if you are unaware of what your birthstone is and its spiritual meanings then you should take the time to do some research and see the benefits you may have been missing out on. Some birthstones are precious and others semi-precious, however value and rarity isnt an issue for the wearer as it is something personal to them.

The birthstone of August - Peridot - is one of the most unusual and beautiful of the twelve. It is a unique stone unlike any other in colour, and it is one of the very few with such a bright natural colour of olive green. The most valued colour of Peridot is a darker grass green and can often be mistake for an emerald, however the more common colour is arguably far more unique in aesthetic and unlike any other gemstone. The Peridot gemstone has been found in jewellery as early as the Egyptian period. The stones at this time were found in the Red Sea on a small volcanic island, however more recently they were found in the Kashmir region meaning it became increasingly popular for jewellery wearers all over again - especially those born in August.

As mentioned earlier, each birthstone has its own powerful spiritual meanings which can be beneficial to the wearer. Not only birthstones but all gemstones hold this quality, and wearers are able to see changes in different aspects of their lives by wearing certain stones. But what is the meaning of Peridot and how can August born wearers benefit? Peridot has been used for centuries to protect and shield against dark and evil energies., however it is also said to increase happiness and prosperity. It is a gemstone associated with loyalty, faithfulness, dignity, truth and love, so it is all round a positive and protective stone. As mentioned before, August born wearers will benefit from these qualities most powerfully during the month of August itself.

If it is healing properties you are looking for in your birthstone then Peridot can help to heal many areas of the body including the heart, stomach, breast, liver, and eyes, and it has a powerful detoxifying effect on the blood. So not only is Peridot one of the most unusual, unique and beautiful gemstones but it can truly have a positive effect for the wearer. So if you are born in August then look into investing in a piece of Peridot jewellery. The gemstone is personal to you, is beautiful to look at and will help your mind and body, so get searching today for the perfect Peridot piece for you.