Sapphire: Septembers Stunning Birthstone

Sapphire diamond ring

The most famous and prized of all blue stones, the sapphire sets the standard upon which almost all other blue hued gem stones are measured. Its specific and unique colour has, as such, also been long adopted by royalty as well as clergy men, who prize the traits of faithfulness and trueness associated with the sapphire.

Sapphires have long been believed to represent or symbolise nobility, truth and sincerity due to the rich and opulent blue colour of the stone itself. In fact, despite sapphires actually existing in numerous colours, the blue sapphire actually gave its name to the stone. Named by the Ancient Greeks, sapphire is understood to derive from the Greek word sappheiros which refers to lapis lazuli, but originates from the Hebrew word sappir, sappir (or sapphires) being one of the twelve stones said to have been set within the breastplate of a high priest.

Sapphire Lore

Sapphire Lore is as a rich, deep and enchanting as the sapphire itself. Beginning in Ancient Greece and Rome, sapphires were first believed to hold the power to ward away harm and protect their wearers from the vice of envy. Meanwhile, clergy men in the Middle Ages associated the blue sapphire with that of the sky and as such heaven itself. Hence, religious robes were often made in sapphire blue colours to represent this and to represent the ardent faith and Christian virtue and commandment to always in ever endeavour to practise truth and earnestness.

The Marriage of Sapphires and Royalty

Famous royals throughout history who have fallen in love with the sapphire are plentiful. Perhaps most popular and famous in modern time was Princess Diana of Wales who loved sapphires so much that Prince Charles, upon proposing to Diana, presented her with sapphire engagement ring. Interestingly, Dianas ring is the same ring with which Charles and Dianas eldest son, Prince William, proposed to his now wife, Kate Middleton with. Hence, the marriage of Royalty and sapphires remains as alive as ever in 2015.

Fashions and Gifting Sapphires

Sapphires are not only loved by the Royal Family. Rather, the love the Royals and Religious figures throughout history has no doubt influenced the public and helped to secure the enduring popularity of the sapphire. Sapphires have also though remained in favour due to the fact that, as well as being considered the September stone and so gifted during the eighth month, it has too long been an established tradition to sift sapphires - and marriage anniversaries. Most commonly, sapphires are given as a gift to a couple who are celebrating or due to celebrate their 45th year of marriage.

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