Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Weve all heard or are familiar with this saying which is a superstition that brides are meant to follow on their big day to help ensure that their marriage is long lasting and filled with happiness.

While there are many important things which you have to worry about planning to ensure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible, its a saying which many brides deem important but also fun to incorporate into their wedding outfit.

Your friends and family will probably grill you on what items you have selected to act as your old, new, borrowed and blue accessories, but this doesnt mean that it has to be an added stress to your plate!

There are certainly no right or wrong items following this saying, however if you are sat twiddling your thumbs and struggling for inspiration we have put together a selection of fabulous ideas of items to help you follow this wonderful well-known tradition.

Something Old

As the vintage chic look is a timeless classic which never gets old, you can really have some fun with incorporating something old into your outfit.

Whether its a veil which your mum wore on her wedding day or a family heirloom which has been passed down the generations within your family, the possibility for an item reflecting age is endless!

Another popular accessory which would fit this category splendidly and which you can guarantee would hold quite a number of years on it is a piece of beautiful antique jewellery. Whether its a striking sapphire antique necklace pendant or an Edwardian diamond broach, were confident we have something just perfect.

Not only will antique jewellery act as the perfect accessory which will look stunning with your outfit, but it can be passed down through your family and who knows, it may be used as something old for a relative a number of years down the line!

Something New

This category also gives you free rein to explore with any item as long as its new! However even better, your generous groom may decide to spoil you and take care of this accessory for you! For example, shoes would make the perfect something new item and are something that you will continue to cherish forever!

However, you dont necessarily have to own a possession in order to incorporate something new into your big day. If you fancy going for something a little less conventional, why not break the mould and pamper yourself ready for the wedding by transforming your look?

From a trendy new hair cut to styling your makeup in a different way such as wearing a new colour of lipstick, you really dont have to break the bank to make an impact. The boundaries are limitless to what you can do so be as creative as you like!

Something Borrowed

This could potentially be the most special of all four of the items giving your friends and family an opportunity to help you!

Whether its a spray of your mums favourite perfume or a pendant from a loved one sewn onto your dress, the choice is completely up to you and the people around you, no matter how weird or wonderful the accessory is!

If you want to take a look at some more interesting something borrowed ideas then head to About Style who offer some great tips!

Something Blue

This is a fun one which gives you a chance to incorporate some colour into your outfit! When you think of something blue, youre probably thinking about about a lacy baby blue coloured garter?

However, while this accessory tends to be fairly popular amongst brides and is hidden out of sight, there are plenty more blue ideas that you could include in your outfit.

Although you might not be bold enough to put on Carrie Bradshaws pair of Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pumps as show in the Sex and the City movie, there are still plenty more accessories that you can add to your look.

If you prefer something a little more understated, then you could be as subtle as wearing very delicate blue eye shadow or eyeliner, or if blue happens to be your all time favourite colour then why not incorporate it into your bouquet of flowers for when you glide down the aisle?

A Silver Sixpence for your Shoe

Last but not least the rhyme ends with a silver sixpence in your shoe! This classic element of the rhyme is supposedly said to bring luck to the marriage as the bride or her father would place a coin in her shoe in order to help ensure that the marriage is happy, loving and prosperous!