Something Old: The Argument For Buying An Antique Wedding Ring

Among all of the important things you will sped money on to make your wedding day the best it could possibly be, the wedding ring you choose is probably top of the pile.

Much in the same vein that a dog isnt just for Christmas, a wedding ring isnt just for your wedding day, so you need to find something with you and your partner will be happy wearing for the rest of your lives.

In very basic terms, you have two choices when it comes to buying wedding rings, you can buy a brand new ring, or alternatively you can buy an antique ring.

Here at Antique Rings Online we tend to think antique rings are always the best option, thats why we have put together this list of reasons why you should choose antique and not new when buying your wedding ring.

Historic Interest

Buying a ring from any old high street jeweller ensures one thing, that the ring you choose will almost certainly being worn by a number of other people across the country.

This isnt so much of a big issue if it is a ring for infrequent use, but when it is a piece of jewellery you will wear everyday for the rest of your life, the chance of bumping into people with the same ring greatly increases.

The great thing about buying antique jewellery is that it is very old, which adds both a unique quality to it as well as historic intrigue.

We offer rings from as far back as the Georgian era, which means a ring could be up to 302 years old (Georgian era begins 1714). For more information on the Georgian period see this from Gem Society.

What is exciting about rings of this age is the sheer history they have lived through and remain beautifully in tact to be placed on your finger come the special day.

Many antique rings come with a back story or two which make them even more appealing to people who are interested to hear where it came from or where it might have been made.


There is no questioning the fact that selecting a ring with either a certain colour or design which signifies something important to your partner is a very thoughtful thing indeed, whether the ring is antique or not.

It is however surely exacerbated further when you search far and wide to source an antique ring which represents something important to your partner.

Say for example, your other half is obsessed with heart designs and rubies, then you happen to find a Victorian ring with a heart shaped gallery fitted with a sizeable ruby?

Not only is is thoughtful to find that particular ring, but imagine the life that ring has lead, how rare that ring is and how much greater an individual piece like that would be received in comparison to one off the high street.

Ring Designs

It only takes a quick waltz up the high street to notice that the ring designs in all the shop windows are quite reserved and similar, making it near to impossible to distinguish one ring from another.

Another reason why antique jewellery is so popular is because of all the different historic styles to be had. For example, even though the Victorian era is a distinguishable period for jewellery, within it it has the likes of the Romantic era, where designs were more floral, colourful and flamboyant.

There was also the mourning period, a trend in fashion which became popular following the death of Prince Albert when Queen Victoria turned to wearing lots of black jewellery. For more information on the Victorian era, see this from Laurelle Antique Jewellery.

Youd struggle to find diverse and interesting pieces like this in your average high street outlet, yet they are utterly stunning and more importantly rare.


Another great reason antique rings are a great purchase is because of the sentimentality quality they can possess.

Some people get very wistful about the jewellery elderly family members wear. For example, you might always remember your great nan for wearing a particular gold band.

Antique jewellery gives you that unique chance to rediscover original pieces similar to the ones worn by your passed family members and presents the opportunity to wear something which will keep them in your memory.