Spotlight: Art Deco Engagement Rings

For some women, the only stone they want to see when the ring box opens at their proposal is a bright, shining diamond.

But for others, statement diamonds are more common and, quite frankly, can be considered a little old hat. Other more colourful precious stones have been making a comeback, and a classic, timeless art deco piece is the perfect design to complement these vibrant gems.

Emerald Art Deco Rings

Emeralds are a striking and bold choice for engagement ring stones. Hailed as the goddess Venuss sacred stone, the emerald has long been thought to symbolise hope, prophecy and preserving love. What better way to propose a lifetime together than with this gorgeous and symbolic gemstone?

The rectangular, edgy emerald cut is a perfect example of the lasting impact of art deco design and the boldness of the colour is also indicative of this period.

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Ruby Art Deco Rings

Rubies have always been a captivating stone, and in ancient times they were considered more precious and valued than diamonds. Consistently though of as one of the most powerful and magnificent gemstones on Earth, the ruby symbolises passion, love, vitality and loyalty. A proposal with this most revered gem is sure to enthral.

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Sapphire Art Deco Rings

Often called The Stone of Destiny, sapphires always come back into fashion having been showcased on the fingers of the late Princess Diana and more recently on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Sapphires have always been synonymous with royalty, power, kindness and wise judgement. This precious stone comes in an array of colours ranging from the more common blue through to rarer yellows and pinks.

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Aquamarine rings

For brides who want a stone thats easy to wear but a little unusual, an aquamarine engagement ring can be quite the statement piece. Aquamarine was used extensively in art deco jewellery and lends itself well to any shape, and looks beautiful when teamed with diamond shoulders or accents.

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