Ten Things You Didnt Know About Pearls

Pearls are one of the most elegant stones out there, a true classic that looks beautiful with almost any outfit.

However, while we all know how beautiful pearls are, there are plenty of things you might not know about them, including how theyre formed, and some of the famous faces who have been known to wear them over the years.

1. None are perfect

Sure, some pearls come very close to perfection, but its a scientific fact that no two are exactly identical and each has some sort of imperfection, no matter how small.

2. They've been worn by some famous faces

Many famous faces have sported pearls throughout history including Cleopatra, who according to an ancient Egyptian legend dissolved a pearl in vinegar to show Marc Antony her love for him, but also to show that she could consume the wealth of a nation in a matter of minutes!

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy was also known for her signature faux pearls.

3. They're fit for royalty

The Queen wore pearls at her wedding way back in 1947, but pearls have been a staple of royal jewellery collections for many, many years.

Elizabeth I was a particular fan , and its rumoured that she had over 3,000 gowns and 80 wigs decorated with them.

4. Pearls are a wedding day tradition

Its become tradition for brides to wear pearls on their wedding day as they are believed to signify purity and beauty.

The tradition has its origins way back in ancient Roman and Greek times where it was believed that pearls would promote marital harmony.

5. They're a birthstone

If you were born in June, then lucky you, pearls are your birthstone! Did you know that pearls also symbolise a 30th wedding anniversary?

6. They aren't just white

They're very rare, but apparently four out of every 54,000 conch shells will yield a pinky coloured pearl!

7. They dont come quick

The natural birth of a pearl is a long process and it can take an oyster anywhere between six months and four years to develop one.

It's a fairly complicated process, but it's essentially where the oyster reacts to some form of irritant and coats it in a protective coating called nacre, which forms the pearl.

The idea that pearls form from a grain of sand is, unfortunately, a myth!

8. The worlds most expensive pearl

The mother of all pearls is called La Peregrina which translates as The Incomparable.

Its a pear-shaped pearl which has been owned by many famous faces including Mary Tudor, Napoleon and Elizabeth Taylor.

9. Most arent natural

The vast majority (95%) of pearls aren't actually naturally formed. Instead, they're cultured or cultivated by artificially implanting molluscs with seeds which are then tended to on a special farm.

10. The tooth test

One trusted way of testing to see if a pearl is genuine is to gently slide it across the front of your teeth.

Strange as it may sound, if the pearl feels gritty instead of smooth, its genuine.

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