The Meaning of Diamonds

The word 'diamond' derives from the Greek word adamas, which means unbreakable or unalterable. Hence, for centuries diamonds have been the number one favourite stone used in wedding and engagement rings. After all, our wedding vows, love and loyalty are supposed to be unbreakable and unalterable, but our love is also meant to be pure and strong which few other stones symbolise quite so truly.

A Mythological & Spiritual Meaning

Long before modern society, which values durability, longevity and aesthetics, diamonds were popular for far more mythological and spiritual reasons. For example, legend tells that Pluto, god of the earth and mines, called upon all his courtiers. Pluto said to his assembled courtiers, bring to me all the gem stones the world is known to have. Consequently, the courtiers returned laden with every stone they could find from the reddest rubies to the bluest sapphires to the greenest emeralds.

The Truest, Most Beautiful & Most Invincible Gemstone

Pluto, upon inspecting the stones, discovered that they varied in a number of ways. Most obviously, all the stones bore unique tints or reflected different colours. Secondly, Pluto noticed that the stones also varied in their hardness. Finally, Pluto, unable to choose between the stones, as they were all so beautiful, grew tired and angry. Consequently, he crushed and compounded the stones within his fist. But then, opening his palm, he discovered the result was one stone which united the properties of all the stones. As pure as a tear and stronger and harder than anything else in the world, Pluto declared, this was the truest, the most beautiful and the most invincible of all stones, and hence, the diamond was born into the world.

The Perfect Stone

To this day, many of us choose diamonds simply because we are enamoured by their supreme beauty, caused by their high dispersion of light which means that when cut and polished diamonds have an altogether unique and magical reflective quality and disperse white light into spectral colours, creating an otherworldly and often rainbow-like effect. Coupled with their unrivalled durability, this makes diamonds the perfect stone for jewellery makers and wearers alike. Hence, like the stone itself, the diamonds appeal is unbreakable, making it the one truly perfect choice whatever the occasion.