The Perfect Antique Engagement Ring for the Modern Woman

There are more than enough choices going through a mans mind before he proposes to his girlfriend, but arguably one of the most important decisions he will ever make is which ring he chooses to propose with. If you are planning to pop the question with an antique ring, there are some beautiful and timeless pieces to choose from, but it is essential to find out, from friends and family, or through subtle hints, a few crucial features she would prefer in a ring.


Type of Metal

Gold was once the standard metal for an engagement ring, but more modern styles are now available in a variety of different metals. Some of the most popular choices for modern women today are white gold and platinum, and rose gold is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

It's worth looking at your girlfriends jewellery or finding a way to ask her what her metal of choice would be, especially if she plans to wear it alongside her wedding ring.


Diamonds or Gemstones

Many women are still very much in love with the idea of the classic, shining white diamond engagement ring, but some modern women prefer a unique diamond with a splash of colour. From yellows and pinks to smoky blacks, diamonds come in a wide range of colours and make for an exquisitely unique engagement ring.

Perhaps your partner doesn't want a diamond and would love a beautifully coloured gemstone or even a pearl. Our vast range of pieces includes beautiful emeralds, rubies and sapphires from which to choose.


Style and Number of Stones

Most women still long for an impressive, shiny statement stone rather than a multitude of smaller stones. You can choose between one large, faceted stone with incredible sparkles, or a collection of stones, ranging from just diamonds to gemstones surrounded by diamonds.

Modern rings are usually more plain than antique rings, so if you choose an antique, be sure to buy a style she likes. Be incredibly mindful of shape and style and remember that her engagement ring will sit alongside her wedding band. Oddly shaped rings, such as an angular art deco style, may not work with a traditional wedding band.


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