The Top 5 Places to Buy Antique Jewellery

If youre an avid antiques collector then youll know that a big part of the fun of collecting jewellery is actually the process of searching for it!

Theres nothing more satisfying then finding that perfect gemstone necklace at a bargain price after months of looking.

Here are our five favourite places for finding antique jewellery.

1) Reputable antique shops (online and offline)

There are plenty of specialist antique jewellery dealers selling fabulous pieces both online and offline. Youll be able to find high quality pieces in excellent condition when buying from a dealer like Laurelle Antique Jewellery, and they can usually tell you a bit about its history too!

2) Auctions (auction houses and Ebay)

You can pick up some real bargains at auction from people who are looking for a quick deal. A lot of items that go to auction come from house clearances so there is often a wide selection to choose from. Ebay is also a great place to pick up antique jewellery cheaply, just watch out for fakes.

3) Vintage fairs

There are plenty of vintage fairs that take place annually up and down the country. Even if you dont end up buying anything theyre great fun to stroll through as there is a staggering variety of dealers and stalls to browse.

4) Charity shops

Its amazing how much treasure ends up in the charity shops, donated by people who dont know the worth of the items. Some charity shops have all donations vetted by antique dealers but occasionally something of value will slip through the net.

5) Car boot sales

If you dont mind getting up at the crack of dawn then car boot sales are a great place to bag a bargain. Stalls are usually held by amateurs and you can find all kinds of antiques and treasures hidden amongst their belongings.