Three Gemstones Commonly Associated With Love

Every gem tone has its own unique characteristics that separate it from all other stones. Equally, each gem stone is said to have properties. However sceptical a person or individual may be as to the magical properties any gem stone is said to hold, the lore and myth of many stones have endured since ancient times and so the connotations or properties associated with those stones endure and are celebrated to this day.


Of the gemstones most commonly associated with love, none is more famous, precious, expensive or strong than that of the diamond. As such, no stone has such a strong hold on us either. The diamond has become so associated with love in contemporary culture and risen to become and endure as the most popular stone used in engagement and wedding rings precisely because of the properties that characterise the stone itself.

One of the hardest natural materials known to man, diamonds are formed over billions of years via extreme pressure and temperatures at depths of up to and even over 100 miles beneath the ground in what is called the earths mantle. Hence, it is no wonder diamonds are considered a true wonder of nature. Due to the fact that it takes billions of years for diamond to be created, between 25% and 75% of the planets actual age, their rarity and unique combination of qualities mean that diamonds are the most revered of all gem stones.

Therefore, diamonds strength and ability to withstand exceptional conditions, pressure and heat have equally over thousands of years come to represent and signify the qualities that are said to combine and define true and eternal love. That, coupled with their astonishing beauty and perceived purity means that diamonds truly are the universal stone of love.


Once upon an ancient time, the ruby was hailed as a stone of such beauty and potent properties that it rivalled the diamond in popularity. Whilst these days the diamond has become the favoured and more obvious choice of love stone, the ruby remains a stone bound with connotations of love, and is one of the worlds four most precious stones along with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

Second only to the diamond in hardness, the ruby too conjures connotations of strength and enduring love. The fiery red colour unique to the ruby and matched by no other naturally occurring mineral is so said to represent passion and the intensity of true love and fierce commitment. Hence, the most coveted rubies are those with fewer colour impurities and which demonstrate an intense redness. Rubies displaying the finest and purest colour are as such referred to as pigeon blood rubies. The more red and unadulterated by hues of blue or yellow a ruby is, the more pure, intense and strong its perceived properties are supposed to be.

Blue Sapphire

In contrast to the red ruby, the specific type of sapphire most closely associated with love is the blue sapphire. The rich, intense colour belonging to the blue sapphire has long conjured associations of royalty and said to represent the heavens. The sapphire too is synonymous with love, and of longing rather romantically and sometimes tragically. Interestingly, the stone also is said to be a stone of learning, wisdom and imbued with the power to enable its wearer to see secret or underlying truths.

The blue sapphire in recent years has grown in popularity as an alternative engagement ring stone. Perhaps part of its growing popularity is due to the fact that Princess Dianas own choice of engagement ring featured a large and exquisite example of a blue sapphire. The ring itself can now be seen as word by the late Dianas daughter-in-law and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton.

Hence, sapphires are perhaps the true royal stone of love, whilst rubies take the crown for being the true stone of passion. Diamonds, meanwhile, might win the award for the most enduring and famous love stone, but it is well worth remembering they are not the only stone with which to say, I love you.