Three Top Tips for Caring for Diamonds

Being one of the hardest materials known to man, you might be forgiven for thinking diamonds require little if any cleaning or maintenance but they do, especially those inlaid in jewellery. After all, diamonds may be just about unbreakable, but often the precious metals in which they are inlaid are quite the opposite. So, to make sure your diamonds dont lose their sparkle, it is prudent to observe and abide by the following three tips.

Storing Diamonds

Always store diamonds and diamond jewellery in lint-free, soft cloth pouches. Anti-tarnish cloth used to both polish and store silver is a sensible material to opt for when storing diamonds, whatever metal they in which they may be set. Further, never display diamond jewellery by storing it in a clear case of any type for a prolonged duration of time, or within reach of natural sunlight. Whilst natural sunlight is not normally harmful to diamonds, it can cause damage to many of the precious metals in which diamonds are commonly inlaid.

Cleaning Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery

Contrary to what many think, cleaning diamonds by using warm soapy water is not advisable. Whilst soapy water does not damage diamonds and is unlikely to cause any damage to any type of precious metal, it can leave a soapy film or residue which can suppress a diamonds sparkle. Instead, an acid, ammonia and alcohol free jewellery cleaning product or solution should be applied sparingly to a soft cloth and used to very gently polish both any metal and stones that make up a piece of jewellery. Finally, pay close attention to the underneath of any inlaid diamonds and surrounding stones, especially when cleaning or polishing rings as this is where dirt, oil and debris most commonly builds up.

Whilst Wearing Diamonds and Items inlaid with Diamonds

It is whilst wearing jewellery that it stands the biggest risk of becoming damaged. To avoid as much of the damage caused by wearing jewellery as possible, it is important to remember to always remove it before engaging in any tasks such as cleaning, washing or performing DIY. In fact, any tasks that involve moisture, chemicals or well, the use of tools such as hammers for that matter are best done having first removed your jewellery. As such, diamond jewellery should always also be removed before cooking or gardening and performing any jobs that could not only damage your jewellery, but even result in an item, such as a ring, becoming loose with moisture and so lost.