Unusual wedding favour ideas

The wedding season is now in full swing. Obviously, the venue, the dresses, the cake, and the wedding reception are front and centre when organising the big day. However, it can be the small finishing touches that can really make the occasion perfect.

Traditionally, small gifts are left next to each place setting on the wedding breakfast tables. Here are some ideas for unusual wedding favours that you might like to try, depending on your budget.

Personalised champagne glasses
You could give your guests something to take away and keep as a permanent memento of their day with you. Personalised champagne glasses make a lovely keepsake and the crystal glasses can be engraved with the happy couples names and the date of the wedding.

Living succulent favours
Live succulent plants presented in attractive heart-shaped containers make an unusual keepsake. Air-plants can also be a good choice and small arrangements set on pieces of driftwood can look lovely if your wedding has a nautical theme.

Suffragette jewellery
If you want to buy extra-special wedding favours as gifts for your bridesmaids, you might want to consider pieces of Suffragette jewellery. Collectable and viewed as an investment, most pieces of antique suffragette jewellery are unique, dating from the 1800s, before women were given the vote. Choose from rings, pendants and brooches.

Antique cufflinks
The gentlemen guests need not be left out! A pair of antique cufflinks would make a beautiful wedding favour gift that could be used over and over again on special occasions, providing the perfect memento of your special day.

Personalised liqueur bottles
Many people enjoy a liqueur to drink with their coffee after a meal. You could have personalised labels printed to be affixed to a bottle of a guest's favourite tipple and placed next to their table setting. The labels are made of vinyl so that they are washable, and they are sized to fit most standard liqueur bottles.

Chocolate flower bouquets
For an unusual and different wedding favour idea, you could choose boxed chocolate flower bouquets. Each mini bouquet is handmade to order, so you can choose colours to complement your wedding theme.

In conclusion
Well chosen, unusual wedding favours can add a stunning and memorable finishing touch to your wedding breakfast tables. For more inspiration on suitable gifts for key guests at your wedding, why not contact us at Laurelle Antique Jewellery for some helpful advice?