Wear Your Wild Side!

Jewellery is obviously chosen for its beauty and quality but, if its also in some way symbolic, this adds a delightful and personalised dimension. Selecting a piece that means something, is representative of an aspect of the wearers personality, or is emblematic of an individuals aspiration, makes it extra special.

Pieces styled around animals, birds and insects are extremely popular for this reason because certain members of the animal kingdom are associated with character strengths and qualities. It figures therefore that they have long since featured in the designs of fashion, accessories and charms.

Antique Insect Butterfly


The ancient Egyptians were famous for engravings, inscriptions and carvings of the scarab beetle in amulets, talismans, clasps and jewellery. The beetle was thought to represent rebirth and regeneration and to bring good luck.

In more recent history, during the Victorian romantic period the early part of Queen Victorias reign insect jewellery was popular along with depictions of animals and birds.

And in modern times, specifically over the last decade, animal, bird and insect representation has widely featured in fashion prints and accessories. This, along with the welcome resurgence of brooches in fashion for all ages has meant antique brooches can be worn in a fresh and contemporary sense.

Antique Insect Dragonfly


Brooches tend to be heavier and more elaborately decorative than many other jewellery pieces, the weight being pinned to a garment. This often grants the designer more creative freedom meaning each is a miniature work of art rich with enchanting detail.

Jewellery shapes borrowed or influenced by natures creatures and critters add an element of playfulness to a design, are eye-catching, and are of course, great fun to wear.

Antique Insect Spider

Choosing a zoologically influenced piece can be difficult only because there are so many wonderful, unusual and quirky designs available! If selecting a gift for yourself or for a special someone, you could consider:

  • if a suitable animal is represented by their Chinese Zodiac sign. E.g. snake
  • or Western zodiac sign. E.g. scorpion
  • the time of year the gift is being given, or when their birthday is E.g. a frog in spring
  • which creatures virtues you wish to bestow upon the recipient. E.g. a dragonfly has the strength to adapt
  • which creatures traits remind you of the recipient E.g. a bee for someone who is always busy and productive
  • Antique insect jewellery is particularly popular. To help you choose, here are some insectile beauties and the typical traits or symbols associated with each one.

    Butterfly grace, power, transition, personal & spiritual growth

    Spider patience, determination, creativity, strength

    Dragonfly joy, strength in personal growth, adaptability to whatever life throws at you

    Bee industrious, creativity, loyalty said to augur future wealth

    Beetle/bug with their protective armour and ability to cover ground or fly when needed, they represent resourcefulness and a plucky attitude to life

    Other popular animal depictions include birds, lions, dogs and cats.

    Laurelle's charming collection of antique insect jewellery includes bees, butterflies, beetles and bugs. We hope you will have as much fun wearing them as we did sourcing them you can start counting the compliments you receive each time you wear yours!