What Dictates The Value Of A Diamond?

These days valuing a diamond, when done professionally, is a rather scientific undergoing and is determined almost entirely by what is commonly referred to as a diamonds grade.

A diamonds grade is established according to how it scores when put to the test of the now commonly known about four Cs.

Many of the worlds most high quality diamonds used today and to create contemporary diamond engagement rings are as well bought and sold bearing a gemmological laboratory report issued by the G.I.A. denoting a diamonds grade as established by the four Cs.

The Four Cs as a valuing tool, it might surprise many to learn, are an extremely modern means of valuing diamonds. In fact, the four Cs only became the standard means of assessing the worth of a diamond during the 1940s.

Modern diamond grading using the four Cs was established by the Gemmological Institute of America in an attempt to provide the jewellery world with a more solid and standardised means of grading diamonds so that they could be bought, sold and insured more easily and fairly.

As such, the four Cs are the best and most modern means of assessing a diamonds value in todays market.

...But What are The Four Cs?