What does your birthstone mean?

Most people already know their zodiac sign but identifying your birthstone brings another layer of symbolic meaning. Associated with each month in the Gregorian Calendar, birthstones are said to bring luck during their particular months, with their powers heightened at this time. Each precious or semi-precious stone was first recorded in the Bible when Moses made a breastplate for the High Priest of the Hebrews, featuring each of the twelve special gems now associated with the zodiac signs.

January: Garnet

Most commonly available in a red colour; the crystals name is derived from the Latin for pomegranate due to its seed-like form. It symbolises enduring affection, loyalty and a light heart.

February: Amethyst

Ranging from a light mauve to rich purple colour, the gem is mostly associated with its healing powers. Varying mythology states that the stone can prevent its wearer from intoxication, bad dreams and sorcery. It also represents royalty and victory in battle.

March: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

The sea-water resemblance of Aquamarine has caused the jewel to be associated with safe passage and promising voyages for sailors. Certain mythology also relates it to the magic mirrors of fortune tellers, as an insight into the future. In legend, Bloodstone is believed to heal wounds and blood-related illnesses.

April: Diamond

Perhaps the most precious stone of all, the diamond is harder than any other substance on earth and has become a symbol for enduring love.

May: Emerald

This green stone has become associated with nature. Epilepsy, panic and fever are numerous illnesses it is said to relieve.

June: Pearl and Moonstone

Described as dewdrops from Heaven which have fallen into the sea, Pearls are said to ease a number of diseases as well as sorrow or insanity. Certain mythologies relate them to power, longevity and wealth. Moonstones are believed to bring wisdom, health and victory.

July: Ruby

The highly-prized gemstone is described as a drop of the hearts blood of Mother Earth, and said to bring good health as well as guarding from wicked thoughts or desires and warning its wearer from coming misfortunes or death.

August: Peridot and Sardonyx

A symbol of the sun, the olivine Peridot is believed to bring royal dignity and ward off evil spirits. The more common and inexpensive Sardonyx is said to bring eloquence and to make the wearer brave and daring.

September: Sapphire

This bright blue gem represents purity of the soul, protecting from amorous temptations and envy, transforming the wearer into a wise and good tempered person.

October: Opal

This precious stone supposedly helps maintain a strong heart, and prevent infection by cleansing the air. It is also regarded as a symbol of hope.

November: Topaz

Occurring in a range of colours, it is said to strengthen the mind and prevent mental disorders, guarding against sudden death.

December: Turquoise

The sky blue/green stone is most commonly associated with Native Americans, symbolising the Heavens and the Earth. It is believed to bring prosperity, good fortune and success, also representing affection.