Why Birthstone Jewellery Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

As the age-old saying goes a dog is for life, not just for Christmas so too should it be said and known that a birthstone is not just for birthdays; birthstones whilst given to acknowledge, celebrate and symbolise the month in which a person was born are too perfect gifts to give at Christmas.

The Perfect Way to Add a Personal Touch

Though few think to gift birthstones during the festive period, presenting a loved one or your nearest and dearest with jewellery that doesnt just mean celebrating Christmas, but as well celebrates the month in which they entered the world can further furnish that perfect jewellery piece with an extra personal touch and sparkle.

A Beautiful Gift for Adult Children to Give...or Receive

When our children have all grown up and no longer hanker for the latest toy, giving something sophisticated, exquisite and which expresses our respect for them as adults but equally our love for them as our children from their first day until this one, can prove a beautiful way to give something beautiful aesthetically and symbolically.

This is an equally symbolic and touching gift when given by a young person too. Hence, for adult children or those helping younger children to pick out the perfect present for their parent, why not consider a piece of jewellery bearing the stone which represents the month in which your parent welcomed you into the world?

Double the Celebration...and Double the Choice!

The most obvious reason to give jewellery inlaid with a birthstone during the festive period though is of course if you happen to have a loved one whose birthday falls within the month of December.. Whilst in modern times tanzanite has come to be most commonly thought of as the December stone, a fantastic alternative for anybody who doesnt wear tanzanite or isnt a fan of purple (the colour which tanzanite most commonly bears) is to consider opting for jewellery inlaid with turquoise.

Turquoise, though lesser thought of as the December birthstone in 2015, was once upon a time the stone most commonly given to anyone whose birthday shares its month with that of Christmas.

Symbols of Remembrance

Christmas being a time in which so many of us think of those no longer with us in person, it is also the perfect time to express our undying love for those departed. One way to do this is by gifting jewellery inlaid with stones which represent the month in which those lost first entered into the world, or even our lives for that matter.

Gifting jewellery inlaid with the birthstone appropriate a person no longer with us provides those who miss them most with something tangible to keep close by at this festive time of year whether worn as a ring, bracelet, earrings or a necklace worn close to the heart, quite literarily.