Why it's worth investing in jewellery

Whether its a wedding ring, 21st birthday bracelet or simply to show your commitment, people buy jewellery for all sorts of reasons. Decoration, ornament, and of course: investment. Here are a few reasons why it's worth investing in jewellery.

1. You can get joy from your investment easily

One of the biggest pluses from investing in jewellery is that it gives you the benefit of something beautiful to look at, admire and wear whenever you want - something which cannot be said for other types of investment portfolios! If youre investing as a hobby, not as a collector, you can also select pieces which suit your taste and style, and which then have the double benefit of retaining or increasing their value as certain gems become rarer owing to natural scarcity and mining.

2. You can predict whats popular

To some extent, it is fairly easy to predict what will do well, and not so well in the jewellery market. Art deco pieces, diamonds and antiques tend to hold value and do consistently well, as there is always a demand for them. Similarly, pieces which once belonged to someone famous are usually a safe bet - there is a constant interest, and buyers will usually be found easily.

3. Jewellery is portable and easy to transport

Investing in jewellery is a way of ensuring that your investment can go wherever you are. Jewellery can be stored securely and easily moved whenever needed, without requiring specialist equipment.

4. Jewellery can be obtained at lower prices

In some cases, you can pay a fairly low amount for a piece which will end up having a much higher resale price. This allows you to make a substantial profit on the piece, which can either reinvested or enjoyed elsewhere!

There are a number of reasons why jewellery works as an investment; it holds its value well, and is one of the few investment portfolios which can be truly enjoyed as well as profited from! Here at Laurelle Antique Jewellery, we offer a range of styles, designs and prices to kick-start your investment portfolio today!