Your Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewellery

Diamond Amethyst Emerald Ruby and Sapphire Rings

When it's time for you to find a gift for a special anniversary, half the work is already done for you! Each major year of marriage is traditionally represented by a different gemstone or precious metal, meaning you’re already off to a flying start.

At Laurelle Antique Jewellery we love to help our customers to celebrate the milestones of marriage, so we’ve put together this handy guide to let you know which items can be used to mark the steps you take on a lifetime together.

25 Year Anniversary – Silver

Engraved Silver Antique Bangle

Spending a quarter of a century with the person you love most in the world is an amazing achievement, and deserves to be recognised. The silver anniversary can be a great opportunity to make your partner feel extra special by choosing a piece of shining silver antique jewellery. Silver jewellery makes for an excellent gift as when it is worn it is constantly polished by the movements of the wearer, making it the perfect metaphor for closeness bringing out something beautiful.

30 Year Anniversary – Pearl

Pearl Necklace

After thirty years of marriage the relationship is strong, bolstered by thousands of daily acts of kindness. These tiny expressions of love constantly reinforce the bond between you. This makes pearl the perfect gift for this milestone, as pearls are slowly formed inside the shells of marine animals as thousands of microscopic layers of the milky white substance called nacre, which hardens and causes the pearl to grow larger. This process creates the unique, beautiful sheen across the surface of a pearl.

40 Year Anniversary – Ruby

Three Antique Ruby Diamond Rings

The ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones in existence, with some specimens surpassing all but the most flawless and sizeable diamonds in terms of their worth. Red is the colour of the heart, love and passion, but most importantly ruby is also an incredibly robust gemstone. They are as hard as sapphires, which is only marginally less hard than diamond, meaning that they symbolise the enduring nature of a marriage and can withstand daily wear.

45 Year Anniversary – Sapphire

Three Sapphire Diamond Rings

Sapphires are made of the same mineral as rubies, which makes them equally durable and suitable for jewellery that will see regular use. Although the most famous examples of sapphires are a deep blue colour they come in an incredible range of different hues. This makes it easy to tailor a gift to your partner’s tastes, demonstrating the understanding that comes with time.

50 Year Anniversary – Gold

Antique Gold Padlock Chain Bracelet

Consistently valued since ancient antiquity, gold is the most common material in antique jewellery, and it comes in a variety of forms. Low carat gold (9ct to 15ct) is an alloy which has been mixed to provide a stronger material, whilst high carat gold (18ct to 24ct) is softer, but with a more impressive golden shine. There are also colour variations; the copperish rose gold and the silver white gold. All are highly valued as they are unreactive – gold will never tarnish or rust, and thus makes the perfect symbol of the eternal. After a half century of marriage gold is a wonderful way to remember the enduring nature of such a potent love.

60 Year Anniversary – Diamond

Double Diamond Twist Ring

The diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth, making it a fitting tribute to a marriage which has stood the test of time. Celebrating sixty years of wedded bliss with a shining and almost indestructible gemstone is a fantastic way to illustrate an unending commitment, as the diamond will always remain as perfect as the moment it is given to your significant other.

70 Year Anniversary – Platinum

Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Seventy years of marriage is an astonishing achievement. It speaks to a love which is completely indomitable, unshakeable and absolutely priceless. Only the most beautiful and precious of materials could do justice to such a special occasion, and this makes platinum ideal. Like gold it is unreactive and its bright silver colour will never tarnish, speaking to the evergreen nature of a marriage which lasts a lifetime. It is also heavier and rarer than gold, which illustrates both the substance and uniqueness of such an abiding declaration of love.

Antique Anniversary Jewellery

Anniversary Couple Embracing

Choosing an anniversary gift that has already withstood the test of time is a beautiful way to celebrate and reaffirm the commitment you made to your partner. Antique jewellery carries with it the glory of the romance of ages past – it is steeped in historic declarations of love and can provide both joy and legacy. An antique piece is not only a testament to your marriage but an investment in the future of your family.

Whether you are interested in refreshing your engagement ring, obtaining a beautiful pendant, or finding a unique and beautiful piece that speaks to you personally, we have a vast array of items for you to peruse.

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