Antique Jade Jewellery

Our antique jade jewellery options feature jade as a prominent gemstone and come from bygone eras including the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods.

Jade is not just one gemstone, but rather a term for two distinct minerals that share similar properties and historical significance: jadeite and nephrite. Both minerals are incredibly tough and durable, making them ideal for carving and shaping into intricate jewellery and ornaments. Jade comes in a variety of forms, but is most often a pale green, opaque stone which can be carved into magnificent designs - as you will see in our collection of antique jade jewellery.

Antique and vintage jade jewellery includes antique jade necklaces, pendants and rings that are perfect to add to your collection.

View our full collection of antique and vintage jade jewellery for sale below.

Antique Jade Jewellery


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