Vintage and Antique Silver Jewellery

Silver is a bright, shining metal which has been used to create fine pieces of jewellery since ancient times.

Across centuries, silver jewellery has captured the design trends of each era. From the Georgian bows and floral designs on brooches and necklaces to the Victorian era's sentimental lockets and mourning rings, antique silver jewellery offers a beautiful and affordable canvas for self-expression through various accessories.


Silver is perfect for use in jewellery as it has a bright and reflective surface, making it adaptable for antique and vintage pieces. It is very versatile and has exceptional workability. Silver is malleable, allowing the jewellers of yesteryear to craft intricate details, delicate chains, and stunning settings into their creative visions. Though pure silver is soft, antique and vintage silver jewellery typically uses sterling silver, an alloy with added copper for enhanced strength and resistance to everyday wear and tear. Silver is significantly more affordable than gold or platinum, meaning stunning silver jewellery pieces can be owned without breaking the bank. 

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Silver Jewellery
222 products

222 products