Laurelle Gold and Platinum VIP Clubs

At Laurelle Antique Jewellery, we deeply appreciate our customers unwavering support and loyalty over the years. Their patronage has truly touched our hearts, and we are thrilled to express our gratitude in the most special way possible. We're excited to introduce you to a realm of opulence and exclusivity – the Laurelle Antique Jewellery Gold and Platinum VIP Clubs.
Gold VIP Club Card
As a treasured member of our Gold VIP Club, you can embark on a journey that's designed exclusively for our most valued customers.
Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:
Brace yourself for a treasure trove of exclusive offers that are reserved just for our Gold VIP Club members. From rare finds to timeless classics, you'll have first dibs on our most coveted pieces.
Delight in the pleasure of accessing a 20% Discount all year. Revel in the knowledge that you'll be indulging in your passion for antique jewellery at prices that reflect our appreciation for your loyalty.
Be the first to see our latest acquisitions and additions to the collection. With early access to new arrivals and collections, you'll be at the forefront of antique jewellery trends.
Your membership in the Gold VIP Club is our way of celebrating you – your impeccable taste, your enduring loyalty, and your shared passion for the exquisite artistry of antique jewellery. 
Platinum VIP Club Card
Members of our exclusive Platinum Club get the benefits of Gold membership, with a few added extras to make their journey with us very special.
As a member of our Platinum Club you'll be able to take a look at our newly acquired pieces 24 hours before anyone else, so you'll be able to get 1st dibs on any pieces before anyone else.
Looking for something specific and can't find it in our inventory? Get in touch and we will work to find your perfect piece from our suppliers.
As an additional privilege of your Platinum VIP Club membership, we are thrilled to offer you free certification on all your purchases. Each exquisite piece you acquire will be accompanied by a certification of authenticity, adding an extra layer of value and assurance to your collection. 
Your journey with us is about to get even more personalised. Our team of experts is dedicated to making your experience exceptional. Whether you're seeking advice, restoration services, or bespoke creations, your membership grants you access to our top-tier customer service.
As a member of our Platinum VIP club you can choose to make an offer on any item in our inventory at any time.