Antique Jewellery

Take a look at our antique jewellery collection, representing the very best craftsmanship from ages past. Our antique jewellery is lovingly sourced from  various periods - including Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco. Our unique jewellery options offer historical significance from the time period they represent. 

Our antique jewellery comes in a variety of materials, including precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, as well as gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Other materials commonly used in antique jewellery include pearls, enamel, ivory, and coral.


Whatever you have your heart set on, we are sure to have the perfect piece for you. Items of unique antique jewellery we have on sale include:

Memorial jewellery serves as a poignant reminder of loved ones. Memorial jewellery often contains locks of hair, photographs, or inscriptions to honour and commemorate their memory.

Pearl jewellery exudes timeless elegance and symbolises purity, sophistication, and classic beauty, making it a staple in every jewellery collection.

Emerald jewellery captivates with its rich green hues. Emerald jewellery symbolises rebirth and vitality while exuding an aura of luxury and refinement.

Ruby jewellery enchants with its fiery red brilliance. Ruby Jewellery epitomises passion, love, and courage, making it an iconic choice for those seeking to make a bold and unforgettable statement.

Sapphire jewellery dazzles with its deep blue allure. Sapphire jewellery suggests wisdom, truth, and royalty, evoking a sense of sophistication and elegance fit for royalty.

Peridot jewellery delights with its vibrant green hues. Peridot jewellery symbolises prosperity, happiness, and positive energy.

Turquoise jewellery evokes the tranquil beauty of the sky and sea, with its striking blue-green hues. Turquoise jewellery symbolises protection, tranquillity, and spiritual harmony.

Garnet jewellery dazzles with its deep red hues, signifying passion, energy, and strength.

Platinum jewellery exudes understated luxury and sophistication, with its durable, lustrous metal, making it a timeless choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and heirloom pieces.

Jade jewellery exudes timeless elegance and cultural significance, with its rich green hues. Jade jewellery symbolises purity, harmony, and prosperity, making it a cherished gemstone in many cultures around the world.

Agate jewellery captivates with its mesmerising patterns and earthy colours, symbolising balance, protection, and inner strength, making it a unique choice for those seeking to connect with nature.

Contact us should you have any questions about our available antique jewellery products or need help sourcing a particular item of antique Jewellery for your collection.


22 products

22 products